Match Report
Roedean School Girls-U14F vs  Brighton College
On: Saturday, 06 Jan 2024
Venue: Away

First match of the season for the U14F team and a tough one it was! We were playing Brighton College, a well oiled and well-practiced opponent. However, we put the effort in throughout the match and never gave up, which is the key thing! We also scored a few goals, which is always a bonus (against Brighton College). Well done to Zoe, Gabriela and Emma who were shooting. We found it hard to get the ball into the D but when we did, they were able to keep their cool and pop a few shots in the net. Gabriela and Natalie did a great job at centre, they were certainly having to do a lot of running around the court, trying to get into space and get free. Ranah at WD did well reading the oppositions pass and intercepting or tipping it. She turned the ball over a fair few times! Sabrina, Sofia, Michelle and Lillian, all played in defence and again, were good at reading the oppositions pass and trying to intercept or tip and disrupt play. Our best quarter was our last one, which just shows that they worked hard right up to the last minute.

Player of the match: Gabriela

Coache's player: Ranah