Match Report
Roedean School Girls-U18A vs  Burgess Hill Girls
On: Thursday, 23 Nov 2023
Venue: at Home

In a highly anticipated badminton fixture against Burgess Hill, the tournament unfolded with a dynamic combination of singles and doubles matches, showcasing exceptional sportsmanship and skill from both teams. Nerissa and Athena stood out as formidable forces on the court, displaying commanding performances that influenced the entire game. Kelly and Ashley shone in the singles matches, exhibiting excellent individual skills and contributing significantly to the team's success.

Abbie's prowess in doubles was evident as she expertly navigated the back line, ensuring precise and effective shots. The collective efforts of the team resulted in a resounding victory with a convincing score line of 38-8, underscoring their dominance in the competition. The match was a testament to the players' dedication, teamwork, and skill, leaving a lasting impression on both players and spectators.