Match Report
Roedean School Girls-U18A vs  Brighton College
On: Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023
Venue: at Home

In a closely contested badminton derby against Brighton College, the tournament unfolded with remarkable intensity, showcasing the skill and determination of both teams. The doubles matches were a standout feature, with stellar performances from Athena and Jolie, who demonstrated exceptional synergy and strategic prowess on the court. Skylah's leadership was pivotal, as she not only showcased her own prowess but also effectively managed the team, providing motivation that resonated throughout the players.

The atmosphere was charged with the spirit of competition as each team fought for every point. The match was a testament to the players' dedication and proficiency, making it a memorable encounter for both players and spectators alike. Despite the ultimate outcome, the badminton derby against Brighton College was a testament to the passion and sportsmanship inherent in such closely contested matches.