Match Report
Roedean School Girls-U15A vs  Eastbourne College
On: Saturday, 16 Sep 2023
Venue: at Home

In an exciting U15A hockey match between Roedean and Eastbourne College, both teams displayed remarkable skills and determination. Roedean showcased excellent teamwork and individual prowess throughout the game.

The Roedean side dominated possession, thanks to Megs' outstanding control of the backline. She consistently distributed the ball to the midfielders, Bella and Gabby, who orchestrated plays with precision. Their clever passing and intelligent leads created opportunities and switched the ball effectively into space, allowing the forwards to make threatening advances towards Eastbourne's goal.

Despite Roedean's strong performance, Eastbourne College managed to sneak in an early goal during the second half. Undeterred, Roedean continued to apply relentless pressure, launching numerous attacks in pursuit of an equalizer. Unfortunately, the final whistle blew with the score at 1-0 in favor of Eastbourne.

While the score line did not reflect Roedean's outstanding team performance, it was a significant improvement from their previous match. The players demonstrated exceptional skill, teamwork, and determination, leaving spectators eagerly anticipating their future matches, where their hard work and talent are sure to shine even brighter.