Match Report
Roedean School Girls-U16C vs  Brighton College Girls-U15C
On: Saturday, 04 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

Well, we had every type of weather to contend with on Saturday, sun, then rain, then wind, then wind and rain! However, the girls powered on through in the difficult conditions and against a strong Brighton College Girls team. Brighton were working us hard right from the off, they were pressuring every pass, tight on our players and turning the ball over often, so it was all on our defence. Defence; Ellen, Olivia, Kelly and Bella, did a great job of clearing the ball out of the D, Brighton had several opportunities and we kept on at them, pressuring their shots and forcing them wide. However, the break for Brighton came on the counter-attack, they turned the ball over, quickly got into our D and we ended up with several Brighton players unmarked, against Sky in goal, inevitably they scored. They scored 3 goals this way. There were some more frantic moments in our D, where both our defence and their attack were fighting for the ball about 1 metre in front of goal, it was tense, they managed to creep the ball past us though, 2 goals were scored this way. Sky did an amazing job of stopping more potential goals, it could’ve been 10-0 without her being on her A game. We had some moments of brilliance in the game, Masie creating both of our best opportunities, blocking the pass out from their D, passing into Aarushi, just her against the goalie, but just shot wide of the goal. They never gave up but Brighton seemed more hungry for the win. Overall score, they won 5-0.

Player of the match – Bella Doyle

Coache’s player – Olivia Parker-O’Connell

Highlight of the match – both teams scrabbling for the ball in front of goal and Ellen managing to clear it right out wide, away from danger.